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Why is this the best website value calculator?

Valuing a website isn’t as easy as typing your domain name into a box and hitting enter. There are calculators that will give you an estimate of your sites value if you do that, but they are super inaccurate. They estimate value based off of estimated advertising revenue, which is driven by the amount of traffic your site gets.

Well, what if you have an ecommerce site and you make money by selling products, not by selling advertising? Or you sell subscriptions, services, etc.? Then these “type your domain and hit enter” calculators are useless.

Websites are valued based off of their actual profitability, among a handful of other factors. Our calculator provides a valuation estimate based on a number of factors, including: monetization method, traffic, profitability, marketing strategy, and owner involvement.

We promise, this is the best website value calculator on the web!

How are website values calculated?

The value of a website is calculated by taking the website’s trailing 12-month profits and multiplying it by a “valuation multiple”. The valuation multiple that is used depends on a handful of qualitative factors such as traffic acquisition sources, profit and traffic trends, hours of work required per week, etc.

On average, websites sell for 1x-3.5x their previous 12-month profits. For example, a website that made $100,000 in profit in the last 12-months is likely worth $100,000-$350,000. 

That’s a pretty wide range, which is why our calculator asks a bunch of additional questions to give you a range that is much more accurate and narrow.

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